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  • Keyko Nimsay singing at the Polyphonea

    Keyko Nimsay singing at the Polyphonea, La Panacee, Montpellier. Binaural sound recording, USE HEADPHONES. The audio has been recorded with head mounted binaural recording gear, while walking around the patio. The audio recording has not been processed in any way.

    Polyphonea rehearsal

    On May 19 we had the first rehearsal with the whole team and 2/3 of the gear ready. We finished this inspiring day – between the summer sun and dark stormy clouds – with big smiles on our faces, very tired but dry 🙂 with Vokalna Akademija Ljubljana, Stojan Kuret & Rok Prislan.

  • NEXT no. 6 – GET LOST

    NEXT no. 6 – GET LOST Exhibition at Nordic Exceptional Trendshop, Aarhus, Denmark NEXT no. 6 is held in Århus on April 2+3+4+5 2009 as part conference, part exhibition. A dozen of the most daunting international minds on business, technology and invention will take the conference stage. And 100 of the most perspectivating, forward facing…