Lost Highway Extended Network


Who was there? Who should have been there? This map shows the extended network of organizations around the Lost Highway expeditioners by pulling out their URL co-links. By clicking on a node you can see to/from how many sites are they connected and also visit the corresponding urls.

The software used is the Issue Crawler and locates and visualizes networks on the Web. It is used by NGOs and other researchers to answer questions about specific networks and effective networking more generally.

View map: LHE_extended_network.svg

Instructions on viewing the interactive map in SVG

Use the adobe svg viewer plug-in svg viewer. Native SVG built into the Firefox browser doesn't render adobe svg very well as of yet. Windows users are advised to use Internet Explorer with adobe svg viewer plug-in.

Note: To use SVG in Firefox on Mac Intel machines, make sure you installed the latest version of firefox and that you launch firefox in Rosetta. To do this perform the following steps: Go to finder -> Applications. Right click Firefox. Go to the 'General' submenu. Enable Rosetta, click ok, launch firefox.

For further information visit http://www.govcom.org/scenarios_use.htm and http://issuecrawler.net.

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Auke Touwslager