About us.

We need more curiosity driven research.

Art, science, technology & design
We need more curiosity driven research


Since 2004 Informationlab founders Auke Touwslager (NL) and Ursula Lavrencic (SLO) seen their efforts being adopted and appreciated by different fields and audiences. As a result their work found its way to an international art community and to science museums and galleries around the world.

Most of the group collaboration is based on curiosity driven research which subsequently lead to a variety of (art)installations, publications, workshops and lectures.


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The artists

Ursula Lavrencic (1974) received her Architectural Degree from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia and her Master of Arts from the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Lavrencic is currently practicing as cross disciplinary designer. Her main focus is on concept development and architectural installations. Her very diverse set of skills enables Lavrencic to offer out of the box thinking and innovative solutions. She strives for socially and environmentally responsible design.

Auke Touwslager (1972) received his Design Degree from the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands. As a strategic thinker & concept developer Touwslager enjoys defining high-end, interactive design solutions for and with a diverse range of clients. Committed to design, research and innovation, expert in information architecture, design, information visualization and concept strategy.