Science Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

Who says we are living in dark times? LIGHTWAVE offers you an opportunity to defy the darkness at the Science Gallery in a festival to dazzle your eyes and electrify your minds.

LIGHTWAVE at the Science Gallery gives you a unique chance to experiment with illumination in the company of a bright and buzzing community of scientists, engineers, philosophers and techno-artists who are passionate about the visible spectrum. From January 23-31st the LIGHTWAVE festival will thrill and delight Dublin city, and the LIGHTWAVE exhibition will continue until February 20th.

LIGHTWAVE includes pieces where the communication of electric fish is turned into sound and light, where you can step into a camera obscura to view the Aurora Australis or view the cutting edge work on microbial fuel cell technology that can produce electricity from soil or rotting fruit to bring off-grid light to developing countries. Join the Cell Phone Disco to see what your conversations look like or enter the Kosmoscope – a giant kaleidoscope that tracks earthquakes around the world. Coupled with LightChats, movies and LightLounge Lightwave will bring you light relief at the darkest time of the year.