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    System test run

    Stoked! The system up an running in our workshop. Next up: assembly of the panels and shipping it to the Hill Country Science Mill in Texas, USA!

    New Cell Phone Disco commission

    Really exiting times here. We’ve been commissioned by the Hill Country Science Mill in the US for a new Cell Phone Disco and we’re about to send of the new sensor test unit to their location. Totally new engineering and new ways to detect multiple frequencies. More updates coming soon!

  • Keyko Nimsay singing at the Polyphonea

    Keyko Nimsay singing at the Polyphonea, La Panacee, Montpellier. Binaural sound recording, USE HEADPHONES. The audio has been recorded with head mounted binaural recording gear, while walking around the patio. The audio recording has not been processed in any way.

  • Soba #nakoruzi

    And the last row of the corn gets processed. It will be fed to forest animals, mainly dear and bears, to help them get through the winter

  • Pittsburgh Art & Public Places

    The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council’s Office of Public Art updated its guide entitled “Pittsburgh Art & Public Places”. Thanks for sending us a few copies! Download it now or pick one up locally.

    Polyphonea rehearsal

    On May 19 we had the first rehearsal with the whole team and 2/3 of the gear ready. We finished this inspiring day – between the summer sun and dark stormy clouds – with big smiles on our faces, very tired but dry 🙂 with Vokalna Akademija Ljubljana, Stojan Kuret & Rok Prislan.

  • Polyphonea / Prosthetic Spaces

    Quick update – we’re currently busy working on a new commissioned artwork which is to be exhibited this summer at La Panacée, a new art center located in the historic district of Montpellier, France. Focusing on contemporary art, digital art and new forms of writing, La Panacée is a cross-disciplinary venue that fosters innovative art forms, creation,…

  • Cell Phone Disco – Cultural District – Downtown Pittsburgh

  • Domus on I/O/I. The Senses of Machines The first impression you get while visiting the exhibition I/O/I. The Senses of Machines is that you’re on a playground of the future. In the current times, as the curators explains, “technology enables us to make ever more complex machines, leading to more sophisticated interaction with them”. But this “playground of the future” is more than…

  • NEXT no. 6 – GET LOST

    NEXT no. 6 – GET LOST Exhibition at Nordic Exceptional Trendshop, Aarhus, Denmark NEXT no. 6 is held in Århus on April 2+3+4+5 2009 as part conference, part exhibition. A dozen of the most daunting international minds on business, technology and invention will take the conference stage. And 100 of the most perspectivating, forward facing…